Dec 26, 2023 : Christmas, celebrated on December 25, is a sacred day in Christianity, commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ, whom Christians believe is the Son of God.

Christmas is a universal celebration that goes beyond religious beliefs. Even those who do not profess themselves to be believers can perceive something extraordinary and transcendent in this annual Christian event. It is a feast that praises the gift of life and brings joy, inspiring feelings of kindness, care, and tenderness

Christmas is a season filled with warmth, generosity, and the spirit of forgiveness. The festive atmosphere, adorned with decorations and the sound of jingling bells, creates a joyous ambiance.

On December 6th, Saint Nicholas Day recognizes the third-century saint who became an inspiration for the modern-day Santa Claus. He is best known for delivering gifts to children on Christmas Eve, often coming down chimneys and leaving presents in stockings hung by the fireplace. Santa is associated with joy, generosity, and kindness; he symbolizes the spirit of giving during the festive season. Santa Claus indeed symbolizes the innocence and joy associated with this special time of the year. Santa's message is a timeless reminder to keep the childlike wonder alive in our hearts.

The youth of the Indian Catholic Youth Movement Mangalore Diocese celebrated Christmas with zeal. No Christmas celebration is complete without carols. Our young people, armed with guitars, drums, and vocalists, entered people's houses and sang carols with messages of hope, laughter, and joy.

Youth across Mangalore Diocese made Christmas cribs, stars, and beautifully decorated the church. They played Secret Santa and exchanged gifts as a Christmas tradition. The units hosted a variety of cultural programs after the holy mass. The director and animator of the units led and aided the youth in conducting the programs.

In conclusion, Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who came into the world to save humanity. It is a time of joy, reflection, and thanksgiving for the gift of God's Son.

























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