Indian Catholic Youth Movement, a Premier youth movement of Mangalore Diocese reaches out to the society through various noble initiatives, one among them being ICYM Blood Account that was started in 2016 on the occasion of 70th year of ICYM as a unique step with a foresighted thinking to serve the society in a greater level.

Just like every drop of water makes an ocean, similarly the ICYM members came up with a thought that every drop of blood will contribute in fulfilling the vast ocean of blood requirement and thereafter coined the ICYM blood account as RED DROP CAMPAIGN on 15th August 2017 and held its donation camps in the Hospitals under ICYM Blood Accounts. This Blood donation campaign was organized to mark the 71st Independence Day and the 71st year of ICYM in Mangalore Diocese and also to publicize the ICYM Blood Account which was set up in 2016.

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As days passed Red Drop started to draw more attention and began to setup up almost 15 – 20 Camps a year. Several members voluntarily donate blood on their birthdays along with their friends and families to Red Drop & promote several weekly blood donation drives to meet the hospital blood Requirements.

The Red Drop has a huge network of members throughout Mangalore which facilitates quick response in time of need and emergency for which Red Drop has been widely recognized.

In order to further serve our cause, the Red Drop has come up with an app “ RED DROP MANGALORE” which will be more approachable and efficient with a sole purpose to help the society.

ABOUT Red Drop Mangalore App

The RED DROP MANGALORE enables to save life though the APP. The process of donating blood and platelets is very much simplified promoting more donors to donate. The Red Drop App aims to create the largest data base of blood donors from Mangalore. Donors can schedule and regulate their donation through this App. Users can also SEND, REQUEST and SEARCH the required blood donors as per their needs.

Main Objectives :

  1. To serve the needs of the blood recipients quickly and efficiently.
  2. To create awareness to the people regarding blood donation and encouraging them to follow the same.
  3. To create a platform between the blood donors and the recipients.
  4. To promote and establish as many Blood donation camps in the future.
  5. To create a Simple User-friendly interface to bridge the gap between the donors and recipients.
  6. To reach out to thousands of people in our society.

Red Drop Mangalore will continue to serve the society through new initiatives and ideas until the purpose of this campaign is met.

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