April 30 : The Indian Catholic Youth Movement Central Council of Mangalore Diocese, in collaboration with ICYM Kasargod Deanery, organized the inspiring event "Youth Unveil" on April 28, 2024, at Kasargod deanery.

The event aimed to engage Catholic youth in exploring their life paths, embracing their faith, and discovering their purpose. Attendees participated in various activities designed to facilitate reflection, deepen spiritual connections, and gain insights into their roles within their communities.

The day commenced with a poignant Eucharist Mass conducted in the Tulu language at the Holy Cross Church in Pavoor. Led by Rev. Fr Aloysius Santiago, SDB, Assistant Parish Priest alongside Rev. Fr. Michael SDB and Rev. Fr. Ashwin Lohith Cardoza, Director of ICYM Central Council Diocese of Mangalore, celebrated the rich cultural heritage and spiritual dedication of the community.

A briefing session highlighted the historical significance of Pavoor Mission, initiated by Fr. Alexander Camissa in 1913.
Pavoor Church, officially known as Holy Cross Church, is located in Pavoor village near Mangalore, Karnataka, India. The church holds historical significance as one of the few places worldwide where Catholic services are conducted in the Tulu language. This unique characteristic reflects the rich cultural heritage and linguistic diversity of the region.

Fr. Alexander Camissa was born in Italy in 1868 and arrived in Mangalore in 1897. He dedicated himself to studying the Tulu language for a year in Surathkal before continuing his missionary work. Fr. Camissa's commitment to the Pavoor Mission left a lasting legacy of compassion and service in the region.

After getting spiritual nourishment , they moved to Snehalaya Rehabilitation Center at 10:00 A.M where ICYM Central Council members and Kasargod Deanery representatives witnessed its first hand mission to provide care and support to the elderly. Despite Mr. Joseph Crasta's absence, his vision and legacy were honored through a video presentation.

Snehalaya Charitable Trust is a non-profit organization founded by Joseph Crasta on August 26th, 2009. Inspired by the words of St. Mother Teresa, "Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love."
Through its compassionate initiatives, the trust strives to make a meaningful difference in the lives of the less fortunate.

During the visit, Mrs. Lavita, The Managing Officer, showed visitors around the trust's facilities, highlighting the different amenities and services available for the elderly residents. From healthcare assistance to recreational activities, Snehalaya Charitable Trust prioritizes holistic care and strives to create a nurturing environment where every person feels valued and supported.

Through its dedicated efforts, Snehalaya Charitable Trust has made a tangible difference in the lives of countless individuals. By providing love, care, and support, the trust not only meets the immediate needs of the needy but also fosters a sense of belonging and dignity within the community.

Following the visit to Snehalaya Rehabilitation Center, the ICYM youths engaged in a series of enriching activities aimed at fostering camaraderie and inclusivity. Split into five groups, they participated in a range of games, action songs, and engaging conversations, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for all the elderly residents.

Rev. Fr. Ashwin Cardoza, the ICYM Diocesan Director, led the group activities after lunch, guiding the youths in meaningful interactions and team-building exercises. His leadership and mentorship contributed to the overall success of the program, inspiring participants to connect and collaborate with one another.

Additionally, a special cultural event was organized by the ICYM Central Council members and Kasargod Deanery members specifically for the elderly residents of Snehalaya. This event aimed to provide entertainment and joy to the residents, enriching their lives with music, dance, and performances.

Members of Snehalaya Trust also actively participated in the cultural event, showcasing their talents and adding to the vibrant atmosphere. Their contributions, including dances and singing performances, enhanced the overall enjoyment for both the residents and participants, fostering a sense of community and shared celebration.

The valedictory program was a culmination of the Youth Unveil event, featuring esteemed guests and heartfelt reflections from participants.
Mrs. Olivia Crasta, Trustee-cum-Secretary, of Snehalaya presided over the event, Rev. Fr. Ashwin Cardoza, Director of ICYM Mangalore Diocese, and Rev. Fr. Vishal Monis, Director of ICYM Kasargod Deanery, Mr. Mithesh D'Souza, President of ICYM Mangalore Diocese, and Ms. Wilma Viyola Lobo, General Secretary of ICYM Mangalore Diocese, Ms. Jasmitha, President of ICYM Kasargod Deanery, Ms. Ashintha, Secretary of ICYM Kasargod Deanery, Mr. Jaison D'Souza, ICYM Kasargod Deanery Representative, and Mr. Delwin D'Souza, Vice President of ICYM Mangalore Diocese, contributed their expertise and enthusiasm to the event and graced the occasion with their presence on the dais.

Mr. Nihan Sequeira and Ms. Jasmitha Monteiro shared their memorable experiences from the program, highlighting moments of excitement, learning, and meaningful connections forged during the event.

The valedictory program commenced with a prayer led by council members, setting a reflective and reverent tone for the proceedings. Ms. Jasmitha Monteiro, President of ICYM Kasargod Deanery extended a warm welcome to all attendees, fostering a sense of unity and inclusivity.

Mrs. Olivia Crasta, Fr. Vishal Monis, and Fr. Ashwin delivered heartfelt speeches, expressing their appreciation for the successful culmination of the Youth Unveil event. They commended the dedication and enthusiasm of all participants and highlighted the importance of community, faith, and service in shaping a brighter future. Their words resonated deeply with the audience, inspiring renewed commitment to the values upheld throughout the event

Mr. Mithesh D'Souza, President of ICYM Central Council, Diocese Of Mangalore expressed gratitude and appreciation through a heartfelt vote of thanks, acknowledging the efforts of everyone involved in making the event a success. Mr. Delwin D'Souza skillfully compered the program, ensuring smooth transitions and engaging the audience throughout the event.

"Youth Unveil" exemplified the spirit of exploration, faith, and community service, leaving a lasting impression on all participants. The event's success underscores the commitment of ICYM to empower Catholic youth in their journey towards purposeful living and service to others.

ICYM extends their heartfelt gratitude to all participants, and supporters whose dedication and enthusiasm made "Youth Unveil" a memorable and impactful event.


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